Introductory Forums

The Introductory Forums focusing on the topics “Does Feminism Speak East?” and “Fuck Your Gender” served as kick-off panels for the symposium. The introductory forums took place on Friday, 13 November, from 10 to 12. Symposium speakers and panellists took part in the introductory forums, which addressed diverse aspects of critical engagement in the arts, sciences and activism and looked at transnational and local approaches to feminist theory and practice. The forums were intended to serve as an initial platform for the participants to discuss key issues, concerns and strategies. They provided an agenda that served as a guideline for the symposium panels and discussions.

The forums were seen as an opportunity to bring together different approaches and exchange information in order to enable the key issues of both the symposium and the exhibition to interconnect in a variety of ways. They provided an open platform for discussions.

Introductory Forum I
Can Feminism Speak East?
Friday, 13 November, 10:00 – 12:00
Concept and organisation: Mara Traumane
Moderator: Suzana Milevska

Introductory Forum II
Fuck Your Gender. Conditions, possibilities and impossibilities of transnational encounters
Friday, 13 November, 10:00 – 12:00
Concept and organisation: trafo. K
Moderator: Johanna Schaffer